Download Forklift Tax Credit Brochure:

If you own or operate propane-powered forklifts, you many be eligible to receive the Alternative Fuel Excise Tax Credit in the amount of $.37 / gallon of propane! The tax credit is available through December 2016.

Who is eligible for the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit?:

Owners of propane-powered forklifts may be eligible for a credit of $.37/gallon of propane if the following requirements are met:
You are liable for reporting and paying the federal excise tax on the sale or use of propane fuel in your forklift
You have reviewed Publication 510, IRS Forms 637, 720, 4136, and 8849, and IRS Notice 2015-56 (August 2015) on the IRS website. You have also reviewed the NPGA description of the fuel tax credit.
You own or operate propane-powered forklifts, lawn mowers or any other propane powered motor vehicle
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